Jonathan Ma Ho Wai
2nd September 1993
Made in Hong Kong.



I can’t believe this utter bullshit that I actually have to decide on my priorities between my LAST TWO VOLLEYBALL MATCHES IN KGV and to go try out the piano at Times Square for my ATCL RECITAL!

I can’t even decide which is more important to me since I’d say they’re both my deepest and most passionate set of skills which I’ve developed a long way!

1. I’ve played volleyball for school for 4 years now not having won a single game whilst representing the school. And I’d take the chance to play 2 more games even though the winning possibility is as mild as ever.

2. I’ve hated playing the piano from grades 1-8. But for the past 2 years whilst preparing for this ATCL, I have learnt to truly love and enjoy performing on the piano even if its just to my teachers, my closest friends and my family. For the first time of my life, this time I decided to tell my teacher that I want to participate in this exam and I wasn’t forced by my parents to take it unlike the previous 9 years of my life.

I feel that it is my duty to prepare fully for this ATCL exam since my parents invested so much money in order for me to do this. But on the other hand I also feel that I owe it all to my teammates for volleyball and I also have a duty to play in every game arranged for us especially because I’m the captain of the team. I should be there to encourage everyone even if we’re playing a losing match.

That. Is my current dilemma. (tbh, a person who plays piano shouldn’t even play volleyball anyways since the possibility of injuring my fingers is just so high, and this is another problem given that there is a risk in me playing volleyball, and if I injure my fingers before my exam. I’m screwed.)